Culture of Coimbatore



Coimbatore is not only famous for its attractions and ancient civilizations but is also well known for the people residing in it. They are renowned for their hospitable behavior and great politeness. They used to come up with great courtesy and humbleness with the tourists from all over the globe.


Languages and religions

Tamil, locally known as Kongu Tamil, is the prime language spoken by the local folks of Coimbatore. The other languages that could be seen in the city are Malayalam, English, Kannada and Telugu.


Though all the religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism and Islam are equally treated in Coimbatore but then also one can see the majority of Hinduism in every aspect.



Being the main city of South India, one can see the priority of South Indian dishes in the meal of Coimbatore like rice served with hot and spicy dishes of South India. Other most commonly found dishes in Coimbatore restaurants are Idli, Dosa, Pongal, etc. but one will also get all the main cuisines in various restaurants of the city.


Local festivals, art and music

Coimbatore is popular for its distinct and unique culture and festivals.