Culture of Tawang



The majority of Tawang district was dominated by the Buddhist Mompas who have their own distinct culture and tradition. The people here are generally simple living, friendly, hospitable and pious. Their main occupation is agriculture and they are known for their way of terraced cultivation and potato production. Monpas are also artistic by nature and love to make various exquisite hand made products out of wood and paper.


Religion and Language

Buddhism and Hinduism are the main religions practiced by the inhabitants of Tawang. Following the culture of Tibet, the main language spoken here is Tibetan. However, Hindi and English are also spoken.


Fairs and Festivals

A multitude of festivals are celebrated with the inhabitants of Tawang and most of them are associated with agriculture and religion. The most important festival here is Losar which marks the arrival of new year. Torgya is another monastic festival celebrated in January to make evil spirits rush out. Some of the other major fairs and festivals of town are Choekor, Gaden Ngamchoe, Dukpa Tse-she and Saka Dawa.



The cuisine of Tawang comprises of mainly Chinese delicacies including momos, thukpas and cream buns. Khapse is a kind of traditional biscuit which is usually prepared during festivities. The staple food here is rice, maize and meat. The local Monpas of Tawang use a lot of chilies and fermented cheese in their food.