Nalanda University, Nalanda, Bihar - The world's first university

Scenic, Monuments, Monastery

Built in the 5th century BC, Nalanda University is designated as the earliest University of the entire World. The glittering edifice of the Nalanda University is extended over and area of 14 hectares and showcases the rich tradition and history which has accepted huge accolades worldwide. Made up of red bricks in Kushana style of architecture, it was established under the patronage of the Gupta dynasty and was an important center of learning of Buddhist ideology. The great Chinese traveler, Hiuen Tsang also visited the University and recorded it as a massive edifice with over 10,000 monks and 1500 teachers who lived and studied there. It also housed various other structures such as pinnacles, stupas, dormitories, stairway, chaityas, monasteries which were excavated here from the ruins of the Nalanda University.

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