Culture of Nalanda



The people of Nalanda are simple living and religious by nature. The majority of population caters to the rural handicrafts likehandmade paintings, partition paintings, miniatures in paper and leaves, timber stools, stone poetry and skin goods and many more things. The most famous artwork of Nalanda is madhubani paintings made by the local craftsmen of the city.


Religion and Language

The main religion of the residents of Nalanda is Buddhism and Hinduism. However, people of other religions such as Islam, Christianity and other also live in the city. The main language of the people of Nalanda is Hindi, Pali, Bihari and English.


Fairs and Festivals

Since many of the people are Hindu, various traditional festival like Holi, Deepwali, Durga pooja are all celebrated in Nalanda but Chhath Puja dedicated to Sun God is unique to the place. Moreover, Buddha Jayanti or Baisakhi Purnima is also celebrated here with great show and pomp.



The cuisine of Nalanda is predominantly vegetarian due to the population of Buddhists. Ghee, mustard oil and dairy products are commonly used in the cuisine of Nalanda. The food of the town mainly comprises a blend of North and East Indian cuisine.