Nalanda Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Nalanda

Nalanda experiences both cold and hot climate (hot climate during summers and cold climate during winters). The best time to visit this place is mainly from October to February.


In summers the climate is very hot in Nalanda because the temperature rises up to38 degree C. Due to extreme hot climatic conditions, it is better to take light cotton clothes and drink more and more water. Sunstrokes are common in days of summers there.


Winters are the perfect time to explore the attractions in Nalanda as the weather is quite pleasant and cool. Temperature rises up to minimum 11degree C, so you have to carry very light woolen clothes.


Nalanda offers very high rainfall during monsoons sometimes it causes floods,etc that will disturb your tour. It is advisable to avoid travelling the city during monsoons i.e. from June to September.

Best Season : . Temperature: Summer , Winter

Monthly Nalanda Weather

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