Mumbai Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Mumbai

Mumbai has grown to be one of the favorable destinations for leisure vacation. Due to its location, situated beside sea, the climate of Mumbai is tropical dry and wet. As Mumbai is a coastal region due to which, one can notice a moderate climate here throughout the year. Like other places in India, Mumbai too has four distinct seasons.


From December to February, the city has a cooler season whereas from March to June it’s a summer season in Mumbai. Between June and September, it’s time for rainy season in Mumbai when the city experiences heavy rainfall.  The climate of Mumbai is quite favourable and pleasant, in general. The cool blowing wind in the evening gives a soothing feeling to the people here. The climate of Mumbai keeps varying little bit but doesn’t experience lots of changes.


Well when it comes to visiting Mumbai, one can visit the city any time in the year. But the most favourable time to visit Mumbai is between the months of October and February, when the weather is relatively dry and temperature is quite tolerable.  You will have a pleasurable time here if visit the city during this period. The evening becomes really cool during this period which will ease you from the hotness of weather, if you experience any.  Visit Mumbai once between the months of October and February and you will have a memorable time.

Best Season : Oct - Mar. Temperature: Summer 20 - 42°C, Winter 10 - 32°C

Monthly Mumbai Weather

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