Mount Abu Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Mount Abu

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is marvelous spot offering scenic views throughout the year with moderate climate. Nature has full support in favor of Mount Abu and due to lush vegetation, blowing of cold winds, flower’s mild fragrance and for many more reasons, Mount Abu is real icon in the world of tourism.


Summers in Mount Abu are dry and sunny. The temperature ranges during summer in Mount Abu between 23degreesC and 33degreesC. Summer falls between the months April and June.


Winter season of Mount Abu is quite favorable and pleasant. During winters, the temperature falls to 0degreesC and even lower than this. Winter falls between the months October and March.


Rainy season in Mount Abu arrives in the month of mid-June and there occurs heavy rainfall with dark black clouds. Also, the scenic beauty in Mount Abu is at great and best ever forms during this rainy weather.


Therefore, the best time to visit this dazzling place is in the months of February to June or if missed during these months, then you can make up mind to visit Mount Abu in the months between September and December. If you want to enjoy the festivals along with nature splendor, then try to make plans to visit Mount Abu in January when Camel festival held here.

Best Season : Feb - June. Temperature: Summer 32 to 45°C, Winter 5 to 28°C

Monthly Mount Abu Weather

Month Jun best time to visit mount abu Jul Aug Sep best time to visit mount abu Oct best time to visit mount abu Nov best time to visit mount abu Dec best time to visit mount abu Jan Feb best time to visit mount abu Mar best time to visit mount abu Apr best time to visit mount abu May best time to visit mount abu
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Low 19°C 18°C 17°C 16°C 13°C 8°C 5°C 4°C 6°C 11°C 16°C 19°C