Culture of Madurai



People of Madurai are quite simple and love to spend their lifestyle with great simplicity. Madurai people are very hospitable, polite, and quite convivial. They used to greet the visitors to the city with great sociability to make the visitors at ease and comfortable. For this nature, the people of Madurai are very popular.

Languages and Religions

Tamil is the prime language spoken in the city but the other equivalent spoken languages are Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam.


Unity in Diversity is the main outline of the city and this could be seen from the fact that people belonging to different religions live together with great harmony and peace. Hinduism is the main religion followed in the city and people of other religions like Islam, Jainism and Christianity also lives in the city.



Madurai food is highly dominated by pure vegetarian dishes with marvelous taste and purity. Almost all the dishes in Madurai are prepared with the use of coconut oil and the main varieties of the city are Idli, Pongal, Dosas and Sambhar and among drinks, the city offers Ambatbath, Paruthi Pal and Jil Jil Jigarthanda.


Local Festivals, Art and Music

Festivals in Madurai are celebrated with high spirit and enthusiasm. Among the prime festivals of the city, Pongal Festival, Chithirai Festival, Jallikattu, Float Festival, Avanimoolam Festival and Dance Festival are shortlisted.