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Lucknow Food


Lucknow has lots of eating food joints and therefore, eating out in Lucknow is not at all a big concern. One will find so many places to take the meals in Lucknow and to satisfy the hunger of your tummy. Tourists will get almost all the cuisines of great flavors and tastes in Lucknow but, the local cuisines have great mouth-watering taste and flavor. Among the local food, the main are Kababs and biryanis and so, if any one having these as his favorites, then what to say for his luck!! Delicious food when served with great services and courtesy, then really it offers great pleasure. In Lucknow, it is not like that when you entered a lavish restaurant or hotel, you will get these two but these two are also offered in a small lodge or restaurants here.


The main places for eating out in Lucknow are Bombay Blue Express, Pulse, Ritz Continental, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, Ice ‘N’ spice, Shanghai surprise, Café Coffee Day, Dominos, Chote Nawab, Mughlai Mahal, Tunday Kababi, Wahid’s Biryani, Barista Coffee, Crazy Balls, Chungfa, Kool Break, Jone Hing, and much more. Many of the restaurants in Lucknow also provide the service of home delivery.