Lakshadweep Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep faces tropical type of climate. In summers, the temperature of Lakshadweep ranges between 22degreesC to 35degreesC. Lakshadweep Islands faces summer during March to May among which April and May are the hottest months. So, it is better to avoid these months for visiting Lakshadweep.


Winters of Lakshadweep Islands are not so cold but are relaxing and pleasant. Temperature during winters ranges between 20degreesC to 32degreesC. Winters in Lakshadweep falls during December to February. Lakshadweep also faces the Monsoon season but it goes through very irregular heavy rainfalls.The most common feature that can be seen in Lakshadweep is strong gust of winds arising from the Sea. If you want to take full pleasure of visiting these marvelous Islands then make up your mind to pack your bags for a memorable visit to Lakshadweep during festivals like Id-ul-fitr in October, Onam in August or September and Bakrid in March. These are the most important festivals celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Lakshadweep. Therefore, the best and ideal time to visit this awesome destination is during the months from October to April. But, loads and loads of tourists from all over the world can be seen here in between the month November to March and top of the all, August is the most favorite one. 

Best Season : Sep - May. Temperature: Summer 22 - 36°C, Winter 20 - 32°C

Monthly Lakshadweep Weather

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