Lakhpat, Kutch, Gujarat - Tombs, Monuments, Forts

Tomb, Monuments, Fort

Lakhpat is a small town in Kutch situated on the India- Pakistan border. Encircled within the four walls of the Lakhpat Fort, the town has been an important trading centre between Gujarat and Sindh. Lakhpat is fortified with high walls, huge gates and bastions made up of stone. One of the most famous monuments to be seen in the town is the tomb of Gosh Muhammad who was a famous saint of the 18th century. The tomb is octagonal in shape with foliated arches, door jams and niches with adorable carvings of floral motifs on the walls. A Gurudwara is also situated nearby the tomb associated with the life of Guru Nanak Sahib. Apart from the ancient monuments, the site is frequented by the tourists for its beautiful sight of sunrise and sunset.

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