Kulant Pith, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh - Ponds, Scenic Beauty

Scenic, Backwaters

Located at Vishnu Kund, the Kulant Pith is believed to be the most superior of all the piths in the country. The mythological legend states that Lord Shiva was highly captivated by the beauty of this place and lived here for some time. The water of the Vishnu Kund located here is considered to be the purest and a drop of this holy water can relieve the people from all their evils. It is also said that the divine sage, Narada stated that the water of this pith will have the power to make the people free form anger and evil and who eat the food cooked in this boiling water of the spring will go the Vishnu Lok. Due to these common beliefs, the Kulant Pith draws a huge number of devotees to the place.

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