Culture of Kochi



Major section of the people of Kochi comprises of Malayalis. But one could also see the Tamils, Jews, Sikkimese, Konkanis, Tulus and Sikkimese. The Kochi people are highly dedicated towards the art and culture of their own regions but are quite abstemious by nature.


Language and religion

Malayalam is the key language of the Kochi people but they could also speak English, Hindi and also Tamil. But major section of the people makes use of Malayalam only.

Nearly about all the religions’ people are found in Kochi but the main are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. But, one could also see the people of Jainism, Sikkhism, Judaism and Buddhism residing over there.



Food in Kochi is quite spicy and consists of mouth-watering dishes. The main flavors added to the tasty food of Kochi are that of tamarind and coconut. Actually, Kochi food comprises of sea food and different green vegetables. The chief dishes among Kochi food are Sambhar, Avil, Rasam, Paayasam, Thoren, Beef Chilly, Chicken Biryani, etc.


Local festivals, music and art

The fairs and festivals celebrated with great fervor and gusto in Kochi are the Cochin Carnival, Jewish festivals, Malayatoor Perunal and many more. Arts of Kochi people are so appealing that almost all the visitors to Kochi buy them for their loved ones. The main items that show skill of arts of local people are paper weights, book ends, lamps, bells and none other than hanging lampshade.