Kadaiya Lake Garden, Daman and Diu - A beautiful artificial lake garden

Scenic, Picnic, Lakes, Garden, Boating, Amusement Park

Also referred as the Mirasol Lake Garden, Kadaiya Lake Gardenis a stunning and beautiful lake garden which is not natural but artificially created. This marvelous wonder is encircled by a shimmering lake surrounding two small yet enchanting islands connected through a bridge. Dotted with colorful fountains and lush greenery, the place is a refreshing delight to the visitors of all ages. To the delight of the tourists, some amusement sources have also been added to the park such as toy train and computer games that add to the fun and excitement of the visitors especially the kids. In addition, the boat riding into the lake water will surely make your entire day a refreshing escape graced with lot of fun and excitement. And finally to satisfy your hunger, there are several lined restaurants offering delicious cuisines in the garden.

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