Indore Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Indore

Indore faces a moderate climate throughout the year just because of its location.


Summers in Indore are quite hot and humid and the temperature ranges from 35°C to 45°C. The months that face summers in Indore falls in between April and June of the year. Therefore, it would be much better if these months are avoided for a visit especially by those who do not like hot climate.


Winters in Indore are quite pleasant and chilled. The temperature ranges between 3°C to 10°C and when the winter in Indore reaches to its lowest point i.e. 1.5°C or even below than that, then the climate becomes quite shivering but enjoyable. The winter months in Indore are from November to February.


Monsoons in Indore are moderate and pleasant with an average rainfall of 30-35 inches. But the months from July to September faces the highest rainfall just because of the South-west monsoon. The ambiance of Indore changes to a pleasurable mode during rainy season.


The best time to visit Indore is between October and March when the climate is very favorable and enjoyable. Though the whole year is marked as the best time to make a visit to Indore, yet it depends on your preference. Like, if you prefer summer, then you have to carry cotton fabrics only whereas if you like winters, then you have to lodge good range of woolens with you!!

Best Season : Oct - Mar. Temperature: Summer 21 to 45°C, Winter 8 to 32°C

Monthly Indore Weather

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