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Delhi Food


While you are in Delhi you can taste all varieties of cuisine that will undoubtedly give you a wonderful experience. The restaurants in Delhi offer a wide range of food from Indian to Chinese, Mughlai, Thai, Continental, and Italian. Thus, one finds wide varieties of options to eat here and satisfy their desire of eating good food. There are some of the great places in Delhi where you can really enjoy great flavours.


The Parathawali Gali in Chandi Chowk is a notable place to enjoy varieties of parathas and sumptuous drinks like rabri and lassi. The Karim’s in Delhi is another amazing place to dine, it serves delicious Mughlai food. If you are carving to have a western food then you can satisfy eating out in Pizza Hut, Dominos, McDonalds, Subway, FastTrack etc.


Besides, this you can also enjoy fantastic street foods from aloo tikki, chaat, golgappas, Pav Bhaji etc. The food of old Delhi is simply fabulous and once you taste it you can never forget the taste. There are many hi-class bars and restaurants in Delhi where you can find all varieties of cuisine and enjoy a classy dinning. So whenever you visit the city, do taste its flavours and enjoy eating here.