Coorg Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Coorg

Coorg, being the loveliest hill station of Karnataka, is blessed with great pleasant, amiable and lovely weather conditions throughout the year. Coorg also undergoes through winters, summers and monsoons chapters of weather.


Summers in Coorg are not too hot and humid but are quite enjoyable and pleasant. The months that faces summers in Coorg falls in between March and May. The temperature ranges from 13°C to 28°C which is bearable and not too sticky. The beauty of the hill station is plentiful during this season.


Winters in Coorg are not so chilly during the day time but its quite shivering during the nights. The temperature revolves round 12°C and touches even low than that. The winter months in Coorg lies between the December and February. Making up the mind to explore the region in Winters, then stuff your bags with heavy woolens!!


Monsoons in Coorg brings medium to heavy rainfall in the region. The monsoon strikes the region during the months of June and remains till the September. During this time, one could enjoy natural splendor at its fullest offering green lush vegetation all around.


The best time to travel around Coorg is between the months April and November. This time period makes you feel as if you are standing in the abode of God!!

Best Season : April - Nov. Temperature: Summer 19 to 34°C, Winter 14 to 29°C

Monthly Coorg Weather

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