Alwar Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Alwar

Alwar experiences a dry climate with hot summers, cold winters and medium rainfalls during monsoon. The best time to visit the city is from September to March.


The summer season spans from April to June with temperature ranging from minimum 28 degree C to maximum 41 degree C. As compared to other parts of Rajasthan, the summers are little less hot due to the presence of the Aravali ranges that obstacle the hot winds.


Winters are quite cool and pleasant and span between November and February. In winters, the temperature ranges from maximum 23 degree C to minimum 8 degree C. It is an ideal time to visit the town.


The monsoon season lasts for a short duration with average rainfall of about 57.77 cm. The climate is moderate and the entire region looks beautiful in the mild rain showers.

Best Season : . Temperature: Summer °C, Winter °C

Monthly Alwar Weather

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