Shillong Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Shillong

Being one of the main hill stations in India, Shillong faces the cool climate throughout the year. This magnificent hill station has a sub-tropical climate just because of its high latitude and elevation. Summers in Shillong are also not too hot and winters are too chilled.


In summers, the astounding city has the temperature between 14degreesC and 23degreesC. The summer falls in the month of March till June. So, summers are also not too hot, humid and dry.


In winter season, the temperature of Shillong falls to even less than 4degreesC. Sounds shivering!! The winter falls in the month between November and February.


From July, Shillong faces monsoon season and heavy rains can be seen here in Shillong during this season. Monsoon season continues till September.


Therefore, what to say about the best time to visit Shillong!! It’s nothing but the whole year. Better to avoid in winter season especially in the months of December and January. If visited Shillong during festival months like Diwali in October, New Year and Christmas in December, then the beauty of the Shillong is at its fullest during festivals. The festivals are celebrated with full bliss and ecstasy in Shillong and the people celebrate such festivals from the bottom of their heart.


Best Season : Sept - May. Temperature: Summer 15 to 36°C, Winter 4 to 24°C

Monthly Shillong Weather

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