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About Kurukshetra

about Kurukshetra

Situated at the banks of River Saraswati and Godavari, the holy city of Kurukshetra is located in the Karnal district of Haryana. The word ‘Kurukshetra’ refers to ‘the field of righteousness’ that truly indicates the religious predominance of this sacred place. It is here in Kurukshetra the holy script of Bhagvata Gita was narrated by Lord Krishna in order to preach the theory of Karma to Arjuna during great battle of Mahabharata. Thus belonging of this place with God Krishna signifies the sacredness and sanctity of Kurukshetra. The sacred land of Kurukshetra is also known as the cradle of Vedic Civilization and was visited by Buddha and Sikh Gurus. Dated back to 2800 BC, it was a major centre of Vedic learning and has been a famous tourist destination for its rich cultural heritage. In ancient times, it served as an important seat of all political, social and religious traditions of India.


The town derived its name from King Kuru of the Bharata dynasty who was the ancestor of Pandavas and Kouravas. A trip to Kurukshetra gives you a unique opportunity to explore a number of cultural, religious, political and historical centers showcasing the rich culture and glorious history of our Indian civilization. Jyotisar, Brahmasrovar, Sannehit Sarovar, Gurudwara Rajghat, Sheikh Chehli’s Tomb and archaeological sites are some of the great attractions that attract a number of people of all regions to visit this wonderful city of Haryana. Blessed with a distinctive cultural significance and other alluring attractions, Kurukshetra offers you a deep insight to the glory and grandeur of the rich past of ancient India and has become a popular destination for pilgrims, visitors and historians alike.

Kurukshetra Fast Facts

City: Kurukshetra

District: Kurukshetra

State: Haryana

Country: India

Known As: Dharmakshetra

Famous for/as: Monuments, Temple

Best Season: Sept - March

Summer: 35 to 45°C

Winter: -4 to 17°C

Rain: June to August

Area: 1531 km2

Altitude: 260 m

PIN Code: 124417

STD Code: 01744

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Languages: Hindi

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