Kurukshetra Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kurukshetra

The city of Kurukshetra has an extreme continental climate because it is far off from the sea.

  • In summers, climate remains very hot and the temperature ranges from 35-45 degree C. The summer days are long and usually dry, thus the months of April and May are usually avoided by the tourists.
  • During monsoons i.e. from June to August, the climate is humid and sultry. But the evenings are pleasant and cool that gives a lively look to the beauty of the city. About 80% of the rainfall occurs in the month of July to September.
  • In winters, the temperature lies from 7-22 degree C and frost is commonly seen. The cold wind blowing from the Himalayas makes the region cold. Overall the months of December and January are quite chilly.
  • The advent of spring season makes the weather quite enjoyable and pleasant from February to the end of March.

Thus, while a trip to Kurukshetra, the visitors should avoid the hottest months of May and June and the coldest months of December and January.  The best season to visit Kurukshetra is from September to March and is ideal for sightseeing.

Best Season : Sept - March. Temperature: Summer 35 to 45°C, Winter -4 to 17°C

Monthly Kurukshetra Weather

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