Culture of Kurukshetra


Kurukshetra showcases rich cultural heritage of the state of Haryana that lies around agriculture, pottery, handlooms and traditional dances and folk songs.


Art and craft

People in villages earn their living by making pottery designs on the pot wheel. A number of beautiful items such as utensils, vessels, toys, decorative items and earthen pots are made by them through the art of pottery. Moreover, the cultural land of Kurukshetra is known for its weaving work done on shawls, carpets and robes etc. one of the finest weaving art of the state is called as Phulkari that includes a fantastic combination of rich colors and complicated embroidery on a piece of cloth. The entire cloth is covered with floral designs and patterns and presents a look of a garden, thus naming it ‘phulkari’.


People and Language

The people of Kurukshetraare known for their hard work and frank nature. They are generally addressed as ‘Haryanavi’. People of all castes and religions reside in the city but jats are the prominent. Hindi is the official language of Kurukshetra and Haryanvi is the commonly used language. The major occupation of the people is agriculture.


Folk dance

In Kurukshetra, a number of folk dances are performed such as Ras Leela, Phag Dance, Gugga Dance, Jhumar Dance and Chaupaiya. Saang is a famous open air theatre play which is performed by a group of actors in disguise.


Fairs and Festivals

As it is the birth place of holy epic Gita, thus the main festival of Kurukshetra is Gita Jayanti or Kurukshetra festival celebrated in the month of December. Besides, the other festivals like Holi, Lohri and Baishakhi are also celebrated.



As Haryana is a land of cattle and agriculture, thus the main food of the people of Kurukshetra is wheat flour recipes and milk products such as buttermilk and thandai.