Jaipur Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Jaipur

Jaipur basically has a hot semi-arid climate and is dominated by the three main seasons. The climate in Jaipur is predominantly hot.  The summer season in the city prevails from mid March which continues till June. The temperature is too hot which rises to 45°C with the minimum of 25.8°C. It is always recommended not to visit the city during the summer, as it is very difficult to go out for sightseeing in the burning sun of summers.


From July to September is the monsoon season but the city receives very less rainfall as compared to other cities in India. So visiting the city during monsoon is not that great idea.


From October to March is the winter season when the temperature touches maximum to 22°C and gets down to the extent of 5°C. You can enjoy the spectacular monuments, forts and have a never ending experience during this season. When the fog covers the city, it looks beautiful and gives a stunning view. This is not only the perfect time to visit Jaipur but is also an ideal time to enjoy the delicious cuisine of Jaipur.


Best time to visit Jaipur is between the months of October and March.

Best Season : Oct - March. Temperature: Summer 25.8 to 45°C, Winter 5 to 22°C

Monthly Jaipur Weather

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