Gangotri Temple, Gangotri, Uttarakhand - An ancient temple of Gangotri dedicated to River Ganga

Temple, Mountaineering

The holy town of Gangotri is known for its ancient temple of Gangotri. This historical temple is believed to be the place where River Ganga fell to the Earth after releasing from the locks of Lord Shiva and known as River Bhagirathi. Later in the 18th century, a Gurkha commander Amar Singh Thapa built a temple at the banks of river which is devoted to Goddess Ganga. This 300 years old temple is 20 feet high and is the highest temple of Ganga in the entire country. Designated as one of the sites among the Char Dhams in Uttaranchal, the temple is visited by a number of devotees every year to seek the blessings of Goddess Ganga and to take a holy dip in the holy River Bhagirathi.

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