Travel Within Guwahati


For the convenience of the tourists from all over the world, Guwahati offers lot of mode of local transportation for them. Therefore, to travel within the local city of Guwahati is not at a big issue. The most commonly seen means of transportation in Guwahati are the local buses, auto rickshaws, taxis, rented bikes, etc.



Local buses are the most common and easily available means of transport in Guwahati for travelling within the city. Also, the buses are supposed to be the cheapest mode of transportation in Guwahati like the minimum fare of bus is INR3 and maximum is INR30 depending on the destination where you want to go. Tourists can get buses from every nook of the city and also from the railway station or airport.



Taxis are the fastest means of transportation in Guwahati and are easily available through all the major areas of the city. The charges of the taxis generally revolve round INR15 per km covered.


Auto Rickshaw

Usually auto rickshaws are also seen in Guwahati as the means of local transportation. They are the best choice for covering the unknown destinations but it is advisable to do bargaining as the meter is not prevalent for auto rickshaws in Guwahati.