Travel Within Canada


Floatplanes are fast and convenient and amazingly beautiful and fun at the same time. You can take a tour, hopping between destinations by plane, fly to an isolated restaurant for a special occasion or transfer between waterside lodges. Ferries are another vital part of the experience of getting around the west coast and can easily build these rewarding journeys into the itineraries. Popular short hops comprise Vancouver to Victoria or alongside the Sunshine Coast. One of the most famed is the service from Port Hardy in the north of Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert in the north of British Columbia, sailing throughout the striking channels of the Inside Passage. VIA Rail operates most of Canada’s intercity and transcontinental passenger trains, connecting most of the chief cities and about 450 smaller communities along 14,000km of track. In some remote parts of the realm, such as Churchill in Manitoba, trains provide the only overland access. Toronto, Montréal and Edmonton are the only Canadian cities that have passageway systems. Vancouver’s version is mainly an above-ground monorail. Route maps are posted in all stations, and you can pick up a printed facsimile from the stationmaster or ticket office.