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Because of Canada’s wealth of arctic terrain, it gets to witness the effects of climate change directly. The average annual temperature has amplified by 0.9°C over the past 50 years. And while that might go ignored by someone in Ottawa – other than prompting a few less days of toque-wearing in winter – residents of northern Canada are seeing some bizarre sights indeed. Just what constitutes ‘summer,’ although, varies by region. In southern Canada, it usually refers to the period between Victoria Day (late May) and Labour Day (early September). In the northern regions, however, summer starts as late as mid-June and ends, often unexpectedly, with the first snowfall in early to mid-September.


In most areas, March to May and September to October bring fewer tourists and often unpredictably pleasant weather. Fall, which finds forests masked in a spectacular mantle of colour, is a great time to visit. Spring and fall can often be very warm and pleasing, particularly in June and September. Canadian winters are extensive, cold and dark. With most out-of-the-way attractions closed, your explorations are pretty much restricted to the ski resorts and cities. Québec City, Toronto and Winnipeg are amongst those cities hosting big winter carnivals.

Best Season : Jan to April. Temperature: Summer 11 to 25°C, Winter -9 to 10°C

Monthly Canada Weather

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