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Haryana Temple

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Must See
Jyotisar, Kurukshetra Pilgrim

Famous for: Sacred place where Lord Krishna narrated the lessons of Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna during the battle of Mahabharta.

Just 5 km from Kurukshetra, Jyotisar is the actual place where Lord Krishna preached the lessons of Bhagwat Gita to Arjuna during the battle of Mahabharata. The word Jyotisar is derived from the...

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Sannihit Sarovar, Kurukshetra Pilgrim

Famous for: A holy water tank where people perform the pin-dan of their ancestors who passes away unnaturally.

Sannihit Sarovar is also a holy water tank in Kurukshetra which is believed to be meeting place of seven sacred Saraswati rivers. The place is also supposed to be abode of Lord Vishnu and o...

Must See
Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra Pilgrim

Famous for: A holy water tank renowned as the largest man-made water tank in Asia.

Brahma Sarovar is an ancient water pond having religious significance. Renowned as one of the largest manmade water tanks in Asia, the size of Brahma sarovar is about 3600x150 feet. Accordi...

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Devi Temple, Panipat Entertainment, Heritage, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: The most religious shrine

Dedicated to the local goddess of the city of Panipat, the Devi Temple is the most religious shrine in the town. The temple is located on the banks of a large water tank and is known for its fan...

Must See
Ambika Devi Temple, Ambala Entertainment, Pilgrim

Famous for: One of the oldest temples in Ambala

Ambika Devi Temple is the oldest temples in Ambala and is associated with the origin of the place as it is believed that Ambala derived its name from Goddess Bhawani Ambika which is said to be a...

Must See
Rani Ka Talab, Ambala Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: An ancient pond dated back to 400 years ago

Rani kaTalab is a famous attraction in Ambala city and is located near the Ram Bagh. The place is a hisotical testimony of the ancient city and was built by Raja Ranjit Singh about 400 years ago...

Laxmi Narayan Temple, Kurukshetra Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: A marvelously built temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, this is an ancient temple of Kurukshetra. It is double storied structure stands on a huge platform with three different components of Vestibule, Sanct...

Bhishma Kund, Kurukshetra Pilgrim

Famous for: Famous as a historical place where Bhishma fell down during the battle of Mahabharata and Arjuna quenched his thirst.

Bhishma Kund is also a holy place associated with the tales of battle of Mahabharata. This large water tank is located in the village of Narakatari near Kurukshetra. According to the belief...

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple, Kurukshetra Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: A famous mythological place where Pandavas prayed to Lord Shiva to get victory in the battle of Mahabharata.

Located near Thaneshwar, this temple holds a historical significance. As per legendry tales, it is believed that at this place, Pandavas prayed to Lord Shiva in order to seek his blessings for t...

Jain Temple, Ambala Entertainment, Pilgrim

Famous for: A popular religious shrine for Jainis

The Jain Temple in Ambala is among one of the most sought after religious destinations in the region. This legendary Jain Temple is said to be 150 years old and houses 2500 years old idols. Ther...

Bhadrakali Temple, Kurukshetra Pilgrim

Famous for: Renowned as one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in India dedicated to Goddess Kali.

Located at north of Thaneshwar, this legendry temple hold a religious significance and is associated with Pandavas. It is said that before fighting the final battle of Mahabharata, the Pandavas ...

Shree Ram Sharnam, Panipat Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: A religious place and spiritual center

Shree Ram Sharnamis a religious prayer and spiritual centre in the city. It is great place to seek peace and meditation for the people who want to get rid of their all worries and chaos while of...

Jain Temples, Panipat Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: A Jain temple housing a Muslim shrine

Though the Jain temples in the city are not so popular but still offer a good place to be visited by the devotees in Panipat. They are situated in HoliMohalla and there is a shrine dedicated to ...