Panchgani Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Panchgani

The picturesque hill town of Panchgani boasts of a pleasant and appealing climate throughout the year. But the best time to enjoy the surreal beauty of the place is from September to May when the monsoon subsides.


The summer season is from March to May and the weather is pleasant with temperature varying from 20 to 37 Degree C. The days are warm and the season is best suited to enjoy the sightseeing and adventurous activities in the town.


Winters are quite cool and extend from December to February. The temperature usually hovers around 16 degree C and it is the peak season for the tourists due to the winter vacations. The weather is favorable enough to enjoy a relaxing holiday time with your friends and family.


Monsoon season here begins in June with the arrival of medium rainfalls and lasts till September. Though the region receives fewer crowds but the beauty of lush greenery spellbound the visitors with its scenic charm making it a year round destination of the state.

Best Season : . Temperature: Summer , Winter

Monthly Panchgani Weather

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