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Nubra Valley Food

food-of-Nubra Valley

On a trip to Nubra Valley and not tried Ladakhi food, then you missed a great savor and food! Nubra Valley is famous for offering mind-blowing dishes of Ladakhi cuisines, Kashmiri cuisines and multi-cuisines. Other than delightful dishes, one must also try confectionary items. In Ladakhi food, the best dish is Sku. It is a soup having ingredients as vegetables, flour and mutton. In Kashmiri dishes, the main dishes are Roghan Josh, Rista, Goshtaba, Marchwangan Korma and many more. Among the confectionaries, the main highlights are apricot and apple jam. The main restaurants in Nubra Valley are Selmo Restaurant, Shack, Maitreya Midway Garden Restaurant, Himalayan Guest House, etc.