Culture of Nainital



The lifestyle of the valley is very simple and the people of this region are very religious minded.  The main population constitutes the Kumaoni people. They live in very small huts built of bricks or in traditional houses made of wood.


Language and religion

Almost most of the population in Nainital speaks Kumaoni. Besides this, Hindi is also spoken most. In Nainital, one can find various temples of Goddess Parvati, Hanuman and other Hindu deities. The Valley’s past has some connection with Hindu mythology which makes the region very religious and serene. The majority of the population is Hindu. Sikhs, Muslim, Christians, and Buddhist can also be found here.


Local Festivals & Art and music

During the festive season in Nainital, Aipan a traditional style of painting can also be seen here. Another form of art which is famous for its colour and intricate work is the Kumaoni Art.


In Nainital various festivals are celebrated by the commoners. Some of the famous festivals and fairs are Nanda Devi Mela, Phool Dei or Phooldeli, Sharadotsav, Basant Panchami and Garjia Devi Fair.



Nainital’s local cuisines are very nutritious and made by the locals during the festivals. Ras prepared from a combination of dals is generally consumed during cold seasons. Other famous food items are Bhatt ki Churkani, Baadi, Arsa, Gulgula, Aloo ke Gutke etc.