Culture of Kudremukh



Talking about the people of Kudremukh, it can be said that the people of the Kuruba tribe inhabited the forests of the region and lived a nomadic life. The people of Kudremukh are cordial people that lead an easy-going and colorful life. They are very vibrant and hard working and live in harmony with their neighbors.


Religion and Language

Hinduism is the main religion of the region due to the influence of several Hindu dynasties in earlier times. Another important religion here is the Islam. The major languages to be spoken here are English, Kannada and Hindi.


Fairs and Festivals

The most important festival of Kudremukh is the Karavali Festival that is held in the month of February. During the festival, various dance forms are performed by the locals such as the demon worship, demon dance and Nagamandala. Navratri festival that falls in the month of December is also celebrated here with great enthusiasm.



The staple food of Kudremukh is rice and the cuisine of the place mainly includes the delicacies of south Indian kitchen. Here you will find a wide array of tempting food delicacies varying from vegetarian to non vegetarian gourmets. Some of the popular dishes of the region are udipi, dosa, sambhar, rasam, dumplings, idli, pandi and koli.