Kausani Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kausani

Enclosed with heavenly natural vistas, Kausani boasts of a moderate and pleasant climate all round the year. The temperature here normally varies between 25 and 2 degree C. However the best time to visit this enchanting hill resort is from April to June and September to November when the scenic locales of this place look simply amazing.


The summers in Kausani begins from March and last till June with maximum temperature of 25 degree C and minimum of 11 degree C. The days are quite warm and this time is considered ideal for the tourists to plan a visit to the town.


Winters last from October end to February with maximum temperature of 10 degree C that may drops down to 2 degree C. However during extreme cold conditions, snowfall may occur making the atmosphere even more cool and chilly.


Monsoon season stretches from June to September accompanied with heavy rainfall that makes the roads slippery and hence the time is avoided by the tourists to visit Kausani.

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Monthly Kausani Weather

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