Bilaspur Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Bilaspur

The climate of Bilaspur is generally hot and dry and it does not experience much rainfall. However the best time to visit the region is from October to February, when the weather is quite pleasant.


The summer months are from March to June and are quite hot and dry, thus not preferred good for the sightseeing in Bilaspur. May is the hottest month with swelteringly hot days when the temperature in the region may extends up to 45 degree C or more making the trip itchy and sultry.


The months of July and August mark the monsoon season and experience moderate rainfall. The rain showers are mild instead of heavy, thus offering a good time to visit the town.


Winters in Bilaspur lasts from October to February and the climate remains cool and pleasant. Though the temperature in night may falls to 10 degree C but the days are warm enough to enjoy a good time at the town while visiting the attractions of Bilaspur. In the month of March, there is the famous festival of Bhogaria Haat is organised before Holi where you can enjoy the unique marriage mart in which young girls and boys choose their life partners.

Best Season : . Temperature: Summer , Winter

Monthly Bilaspur Weather

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