Ranthambore Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Ranthambore

Ranthambore experiences a moderate climate throughout the year but being a desert region, the summer months are quite hot. The park experiences a drastic variation in the climatic conditions during different seasons. The best time to visit the place is from October to April when the pleasing climatic conditions offer the tourists to sot the rare tigers in the national park.


Summers are quite warm and the temperature exceeds up to 46 degree C. The month from March to June are very hot but this is the ideal time to take a safari ride to the park and to spot the tigers.


Winters stretch from November to February and are quite cooler. The temperature varies between 32 to 4 degree C. with pleasing days and colder evenings. However, it is advisable to take good amount of warm clothes and blankets while panning a tour to the city in winters as during extreme cold months, the mercury may dip to about 2 degree C resulting into chilly wintry conditions.


The months from July to September experiences monsoon with average rainfalls. Thought he landscapes become beautiful but the park remains closed so this time is generally avoided by the tourists to plan a tour to Ranthambore.

Best Season : Oct to April. Temperature: Summer 23 to 45°C, Winter 4 to 32°C

Monthly Ranthambore Weather

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