Majuli Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Majuli

Majuli experiences a sub tropical monsoon climate with humid summers and pleasant winters. The annual rainfall of the island is around 215 cm. The best time to plan a tour to the beautiful land of Majuli is from October to March.


Summer season in Majuli extends from March to July. The climate is quite hot and humid with maximum temperature may reaching up to 34 degree C. Generally this time is avoided by the tourists to visit Majuli.


Monsoon begins from July and lasts till August with heavy rainfall. The island of Majuli looks even more beautiful and splendid in the monsoon season as the entire land get covered in the green robe.


Winters in Majuli are from November to February and the climate is quite cool and pleasant. The average temperature hovers from 7 degree to 18 degree C. Various fairs, festivals and other cultural and sightseeing activities are held in this season only in the island of Majul

Best Season : All year. Temperature: Summer 25 to 30°C, Winter 10 to 24°C

Monthly Majuli Weather

Month Jul Aug Sep Oct best time to visit majuli Nov best time to visit majuli Dec best time to visit majuli Jan best time to visit majuli Feb best time to visit majuli Mar best time to visit majuli Apr May Jun
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Low 25°C 25°C 24°C 21°C 16°C 11°C 10°C 13°C 16°C 19°C 22°C 24°C