Best Season & Best time to visit Kanpur

Kanpur faces humid sub-tropical climate throughout the year. Basically summers are very hot and humid whereas the winters are very pleasant and cold.


Summers in Kanpur are very hot and humid and it is very common to see blowing of hot winds during this season. The city faces summers in the month from April to June. During this season, the temperature ranges from 22°C to 48°C.


Winters in Kanpur are very cold and shivering. But one can see high fog during this winter season which causes great inconvenience to the people especially driving at the road. The temperature varies from 3°C to 30°C and the months that face winters in Kanpur are from October to January.


Monsoons strikes Kanpur in the month July and continues till September. The rainfall in the city relaxes the people from hot temperature.


The best time to explore the city is between October and March. During this time, the tourist enjoys almost all the different activities. This season is best for exploring the city as it is free from high heat waves just as it blows during summers and also no dampness like monsoons. Therefore, one should make plan to visit this city during this season for refreshing and rejuvenating their tiresome life!

Best Season : Oct to March. Temperature: Summer 22 to 48°C, Winter 3 to 30°C

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Monthly Kanpur Weather

Month Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan best time to visit kanpur Feb best time to visit kanpur Mar best time to visit kanpur Apr best time to visit kanpur May best time to visit kanpur Jun best time to visit kanpur
Weather Condition kanpur-weather-in-Jul kanpur-weather-in-Aug kanpur-weather-in-Sep kanpur-weather-in-Oct kanpur-weather-in-Nov kanpur-weather-in-Dec kanpur-weather-in-Jan kanpur-weather-in-Feb kanpur-weather-in-Mar kanpur-weather-in-Apr kanpur-weather-in-May kanpur-weather-in-Jun
High 41°C 38°C 38°C 36°C 32°C 28°C 28°C 34°C 41°C 44°C 46°C 48°C
Low 21°C 18°C 19°C 15°C 9°C -3°C 6°C 7°C 15°C 17°C 20°C