Bokaro Steel City Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Bokaro Steel City

Bokaro experiences a tropical kind of climate with the main seasons of summer, winter and monsoon. However the best season to visit Bokaro is from September to March.


Summer season extends from March to June with hot and humid climate. The maximum temperature may reach to 42 degree C and hence the weather is not considered suitable to plan a visit to the city due to sultry conditions.


Winters last from November to February and are dry and cold. The temperature hovers from maximum 28 degree C to minimum 4 degree C. This time is considered ideal to enjoy the sightseeing and tourist activities.


Monsoon season lasts from July to September accompanied by heavy rainfall. The temperature lowers down at pleasant level and the season is suitable for the tourists who want to enjoy rainy outings.

Best Season : Sept to Mar. Temperature: Summer 24 to 42°C, Winter 6 to 28°C

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Monthly Bokaro Steel City Weather

Month Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan best time to visit bokaro steel city Feb best time to visit bokaro steel city Mar best time to visit bokaro steel city Apr best time to visit bokaro steel city May best time to visit bokaro steel city Jun best time to visit bokaro steel city Jul best time to visit bokaro steel city
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High 29°C 29°C 29°C 27°C 24°C 24°C 27°C 37°C 36°C 37°C 33°C 30°C
Low 22°C 22°C 19°C 14°C 20°C 9°C 13°C 17°C 21°C 23°C 23°C 23°C