Mathura Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Mathura

Weather of Mathura is of tropical and extreme type and faces hot summers and cold winters.The best time to explore the city is from October and March.


Summers in Mathura are very hot, arid and dry. The temperature during summers in Mathura ranges from 30 to 45°C. The months that face summers in Mathura are March to June. So, those who hatesweating and humidity must avoid the summers to visit this sacred place.


Winters in Mathura are quite chilly and shivering but yes, the season is quite pleasant. The temperature during winters varies from 14 to 32°C which is pleasant one!! Winters begin from December and continue till February. But, this season is supposed to be the best to visit this awesome place.


Monsoons in Mathura add charisma to this city as the entire city gets green and an enclosure of lush green vegetation. The temperature falls down to a great extent in monsoon and it begin from July and continues till September. Therefore, the people who are not afraid of wetting their clothes in rain must visit the place for the sure as it receives an average rainfall.


An ideal time to explore the city is during the months from October to March i.e. Winter Season. The beauty of the city is at its fullest and offers great views to its visitors. Therefore, to make your trip to Mathura unforgettable, it is best to visit the place in Winters!

Best Season : Oct to March. Temperature: Summer 22 to 45°C, Winter 4 to 32°C

Monthly Mathura Weather

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