Kufri Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kufri

Being one of the hill stations situated at the great altitude, Kufri faces cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. Therefore, during vacations, one could see Kufri flocked with innumerable tourists.


Summers in Kufri are not scorching and hot rather the season is superb with the temperature ranging from 12 to 19 degrees C. Summer months in Kufri are from April to June and during these months, almost all the adventurous activities can be performed perfectly.


Monsoons in Kufri are not very active and the whole season went through very little rainfall. But, the temperature falls to somewhat 10°C. July to September faces monsoon season in Kufri.


Winters in Kufri are very chilly and shivering. The temperature falls to great extent and even dips down to zero or even below that. The months from October to March faces winter season. Heavy snowfall also occurs during this season which is not so favorable for a perfect visit.


The best time to visit Kufri is from March to November. This time period is best for exploring Kufri and to enjoy its ample natural beauty. It is better to avoid winter season because of severe cool atmosphere and heavy snowfall.

Best Season : Apr - Jun, Sept - Feb. Temperature: Summer 8 to 30°C, Winter -10 to 10°C

Monthly Kufri Weather

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