Waterfall in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Waterfall

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Must See
Hundru Falls, Ranchi Water

Famous for: Picnicking and day-excursion

If you are in Ranchi and deciding to miss one of the best mesmerising sites of the city named Hundru Falls, then in my opinion you are missing too much!! Located only at the distance of 45 kms, ...

Jonha Falls, Ranchi Nature, Water

Famous for: Spectacular views and serene environment

Johna Falls are also called as Gautamdhara Falls. Jonha Falls is situated 40 Km away from Ranchi. Jonha Falls is one of the hanging falls and it is present at the edge of the Ranchi Plateau. Jon...

Dassam Falls, Ranchi Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic spot with mind-boggling waterfall and best choice for day excursion

Dassam Falls is located a distance of 34 Km away from Ranchi. It is very near to the Taimara village. This place is also called as Dassam Garh. The water source to this falls is from the River K...

Panch Gagh Falls, Ranchi Nature, Water

Famous for: Splendid views and serene environment

Ranchi has a very beautiful cascade called as the Panch Gagh Falls. This falls has a unique feature that it gives a view of five falls in a row. It is represented in the name itself that there a...