Top 10 Tips for Successful Business Travel

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Top 10 Tips for Successful Business Travel

If you’re in the IT Services business, on-site visits are your dream. It’s not uncommon for organizations to send their executives on business trips. Now you have to face the challenge of travelling to that country to meet your service provider, co-workers or customers. You are obviously more apprehensive about business travelling in unknown territory. It’s very different from doing business in India. You have absolutely no clue about the country you’re travelling to and just don’t know where to begin.

If that’s your case, here are the top 10 travel tips to help make your trip worry-free


Arrive a day ahead of schedule

The 12 hour time difference between countries like the US and India, and that long flight journey can leave you disoriented.
Arrive a day ahead of your business meeting. That way you would have time recover from your jet lag and have time to visit the famous tourist destinations of the city you’re in.


Get Vaccinated

In case you’re not vaccinated for possible diseases, meet your doctor and ask for appropriate vaccines.
Getting vaccinated can keep you away from contagious diseases. You don’t want to fall sick in a foreign country.



Pre-arrange for a taxi at the airport

Avoid hiring unknown taxis from the airport. Who knows, there could be unlicensed drivers who charge unfair prices.
You can rent a car from the hotel you would be staying at. Opt for private taxis or cars from your hotel or a reputed travel agency to take your around the city. Safety comes first, don’t risk that for a couple of hundred bucks.



Pack a light suitcase

Pack only what’s essential. Take a couple of nice shirts and two business suits. You can ask your hotel for laundry or dry cleaning services.
That way you’ll have less luggage to worry about getting lost or carrying through airports.



Stay well hydrated

The country you’re travelling to might be a hot country like Thailand or Malaysia. You might find yourself getting dehydrated if you don’t consume enough water throughout the day. Make sure that you drink only bottled mineral water and canned soft drinks.



Make the most of the facilities offered by your hotel

Laundry, bookings, making travel arrangements or asking for places to eat!
Don’t hesitate to use the facilities offered by your hotel. Although this might be expensive in some cases, you can be sure that you’re not getting cheated.



Drink only mineral water

You might be staying in a business hotel, but the water varies from place to place.
To avoid diseases, ensure that you drink only mineral water. Also ensure that the cap is always sealed.




Take time to unwind from stressful business meetings. Enjoy the hospitality of your hosts and visit tourist destinations. Make your business travel to India memorable.



Formally address your business associates

Always address your business associates by ‘Ms.’ or ‘Mr.’ along with their last name.
In case you can’t pronounce their name at the first shot, try again. Try your best to imitate. If your associates ask you to use their first name, then do so.



Carry your passport

Always carry your passport. It’s the only identification you have. Always ensure you have your Passport, Credit card and some money when you leave your hotel room.

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