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February 7, 2015
India – A Country with International Tourist Attractions
March 23, 2015

India is a land of myriad cultures and has a rich historical past. If you are a lover of history then you will definitely be thrilled with the possibility of visiting the historical places of India. However, if you want to make the most of your travel through this colorful land then you need to get some India travel tips that will help you to enjoy its richness to the maximum. India is such a vast country that it is well nigh impossible for a person to get a look at it in one go. Let us look at the major tourist attractions in the different parts of the country.

North India2012-12-05-07-08-00chilla-rishikesh
When you talk about North India the first place that comes to mind is the heavenly Kashmir valley. In spite of the unrest in the state of Jammu and Kashmir tourism continues to thrive here. It is true that if you really want to enjoy the natural beauty of this state then you need to take sufficient time and plan a visit. Kashmir is well connected to the rest of the country especially by air and you can look for flight deals India that will save you a lot of money on a trip to Kashmir. There is also the Taj Mahal in Agra, The Red Fort in Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri, and many other places in North India. If you are of a religious bent of mind then you can bathe in the sacred Gangotri or take a holy trip to Rishikesh, Badrinath and even the holy city of Banaras.

South India
The South of India has a culture and history quite distinct from the North. From the Nizams of Hyderabad to other South Indian rulers all have contributed to making this part of the country a beautiful area. Worth mentioning are the temples of South India which are resplendent in their exquisite architecture and the most mentionable temple is of course the tirupati Balaji. There is the Meenakshi temple, Srikalahasti temple and many others which are not just places of worship but also architectural wonders
West and East India

Discussion about India tourism is incomplete if you do not mention Goa on the West coast and the seven sisters in the East. Definitely places where you can let your hair down and have a good time these places are worth a visit especially if you are a nature lover

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