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February 4, 2015
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February 23, 2015

When you think about the South of India, there are many cities full of cultural richness, beautiful temples and the famous South Indian silk. However few of them have the cultural diversity and the perfect blend of the modern with the traditional that one can see in Bangalore. This city is most well known for its IT parks and the technology boom of the modern era. It is also a city with the most cosmopolitan culture in the South because of the fact that people and especially youngsters from all over the country have come here to be part of the IT boom. These people came to Bangalore looking for employment and ended up becoming a part of the colorful mosaic that it is. You will get to know more about this colorful city from a Bangalore city guide which is easily available on the internet.

Travelers come to Bangalore both for business as well as leisure purposes. The business travelers are of course driven here because this city is a major business hub and the leisure travelers are attracted by the exotic spices, rich silks, as well as the religious places that abound in the city and are mentioned in every Bangalore tour guide. Bangalore is a great place either for a single traveler, a couple or even the whole family because there is something for everyone here. The weather of Bangalore is famous for its mildness and pleasantness which is why you can come to visit this city in any season. The tranquility and calmness amidst the hubbub of the IT sector provides and interesting blend for people of any preference and choice.
Apart from the obvious places like the IT park, the saree shops and the temples in the Bangalore tours you can also visit the exotic Bannerghatta National Park which abounds in wildlife and many species of flora. Then there is the Karnataka folk museum where you can learn about this city and the rest of the state right from early times till date. Kolar gold fields provide a great opportunity for learning while Nandi hills and Ulsoor lake are ideal for the nature lovers. Then there is also the Vidhan Sabha which is superb piece of architecture and also the Visvesvaraya Museum which provides information about the historical and cultural past of not only Bangalore and the state of Karnataka but also other parts of the country and the world.

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