10 Benefits of Taking a Group Tour in India

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9 million people flood into India each year as tourists.

That massive number comes as no surprise to people who have visited in the past.

India is a unique mashup of color, people, fun, food, and adventure you’d be hard-pressed to replicate by traveling anywhere else on Earth.

If you’re considering making your maiden voyage to India or are returning for a repeat visit, you may be trying to piece together your itinerary right now. If there’s one suggestion we can give you as you’re planning your trip, it’s to make it a point to go on at least one group tour.

Group tours provide people who visit India a wide variety of benefits that will make their experience easier and more fulfilling. Below, our team shares a few key group tour advantages!

1. Someone Takes the Wheel and You Get to Relax

Travel is fun, especially in India. That being said, travel can be hard work as well.

Keeping things organized, trying to find the best places to go, managing your group’s time… it can turn into a full-time job for the person in your group that’s in charge of making sure everybody else is having fun.

If you’re the decision maker in your travel group and want to spend more time taking in the beautiful culture of India and less time navigating it, a group tour is perfect for you!

With a group tour, you leave the hard work to someone else and get to enjoy your experience more.

2. You Will Be Assured the Best Possible Outcomes

When you’re trying to get a feel for a new place, you never know what you’re going to get. This can be an exciting aspect of traveling through a new place, but at the same time, it makes for mixed results.

You could miss key features of an attraction. You could end up eating at an overpriced, low-quality restaurant. You could end up wasting time getting lost among dizzying streets.

With a group tour, your guide will be an area expert and, as such, they’ll make sure that you get the best experience out of everything you do!

3. Tour Groups Are Safe

The number one thing you’re probably concerned with when traveling to a new place is safety. While the vast majority of travelers have a safe and fun time in any of India’s cities, when you’re unfamiliar with where you’re going, there is some risk involved.

Group tours keep you in safe areas and are rarely targeted by crime.

4. You Can Get Your Bearings

Are you more of a solo traveler and less of a guided tour kind of person?

We get it. Getting out on your own is fun.

That being said, when you start your first few days in a new place with a short group tour, you’ll get the lay of the land which can make subsequent days of free exploring more productive and fulfilling!

5. You Can Make Lasting Connections

Meeting people when traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences travel offers! When you go on tours, you’ll meet a ton of like-minded people from all over the world.

That can lead to forming friendships that will last well after your India exploration has ended.

6. It Keeps Large Groups in Check

There are an unlimited amount of things to do in the 1.2 million square miles of India. With all of the variety that’s available, it can be extremely difficult to keep a large group of traveler’s on the same page.

If you’re dreading organizing activities for your family, a group tour can take the pressure off.

Rather than having to fight with everyone on what’s next on your to-do list, you’ll leave the planning and the headache to your tour operator.

7. Discounts on Attractions

Did you know that a lot of major attractions across India offer discounts for large groups? It’s true!

Whether you’re visiting the Taj Mahal, Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal or any place in between, there’s a chance you can save on admission by being on a tour.

Talk to your prospective tour operator to learn more about the discounts they may be able to provide!

8. You’ll Never Have to Ask Someone to Take Your Photo

People take a lot of photos when traveling through India. That means that families need to alternate taking snapshots of the rest of their group. Either that or they’ll have to put their camera in the hands of a stranger to get a shot of everyone at once.

Tour operators put an end to that!

On a tour, your tour leader will gladly snap once in a lifetime photos of your travel party and you won’t have to worry about someone running off with your camera!

9. Your Loved Ones Back Home Will Rest a Little Easier

Back on the subject of safety, you may have loved ones at home that will worry when you tell that you’ll be flying to and busing around a place you’ve never been to.

When you tell those people that you’ll be doing most of your traveling with a tour group, they’ll rest a little easier knowing that you won’t get lost and that you’ll enjoy the security organized tours provide.

10. An India Group Tour Means Maximizing Your Time in a Really Big Place

India is like a giant book that’s extremely dense and impossible to read in a single visit (or a lifetime for that matter). That’s why it’s important that you maximize your time during your visit.

Group tours will allow you to do that since guides will show you everything you need to see and nothing you don’t.

No more days wasted on lackluster attractions. No more feeling ripped off at a bad eatery. No more regretting investing your time and money in travel.

Wrapping Up

There are a number of reasons why a group tour can improve your India experience.

Before you go on a group tour in India though, you’ll need to either fly or bus to where your tour is set to originate.

To that end, our team can help!

At FTD (Fun Travel Deals) Travel, we are experts in India travel and have world-class transit booking tools that can save you hundreds on flights, buses, and more. Our transportation solutions can help you get to, from, and around all of India, easily!

Check out our travel booking tools today or learn more about where in India you’re planning on visiting with our destination guides!

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