Semmanthi Bai Government Museum, Mangalore, Karnataka - Wonderful display of rare artifacts and great collection of coins

Museum, Monuments

This museum located in Bejai four kilometres away from the bus stand of the city. There are a lot of idols of historical importance in this museum. This museum popularly termed as the Bejai museum is present in the heart of the mangalore city. It was named only after the mother Seemanthi Bai of the British officer V.R.Mirajkar.It is the only museum in the entire city and has a huge collection of modern as well as historical items of the 16th century. This museum provides an insight into the history and the ancient heritage of our country. It has a huge collections of coins from Pakistan and the British east India company. It also contains verses of Keladi Venkatappa Nayaka which can be traced  to the 1624 A.D.

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