Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Pushkar, Rajasthan - Religious belief and architectural grandeur

Scenic, Monuments, Gurdwara

Located in the eastern side of Pushkar, Gurudwara Singh Sabha is one of the main pilgrimages in Pushkar. This Gurudwara belongs to the first Guru and local people used to call it as Guru Nanak Dharamshala. As there is scarcity of Sikh followers in Pushkar, this Gurudwara is totally taken care by the Shri Guru Singh Sabha Ajmer. This double-storied building is situated very close to bus stand and is visited by almost all the visitors to Pushkar for the sure. This Gurudwara also has great past and as per some legends, this building was visited by Guru Gobind Singh in the year 1706 and the place where he stayed was named as GobindGhat but at present, it is famous as Gandhi Ghat.

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