Bithoor, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - Serenity and tranquility


Bithoor is located at the distance of 22 kms away from Kanpur and is quite beautiful and mesmerizing. While on the way to Kannauj road, you will find this serene and tranquil suburb offering you great views and extreme peace of mind. Now, the question arises -what exactly is there to see!! For that, there are four main attractions spotted in this small hamlet to impress you – Valmiki Ashram, Patthar Ghat, Druva Teela and Brahmavart Ghat. The city has very strong religious as well as historical aspect. At the time of festivals like Makar Sakranti, Bithoor Mahotsav and Kartik Poornima Magh Poornima, the city is just like at the cloud nine!!

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