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About Kudremukh

about Kudremukh

Kudremukh is a fascinating hill range located in the Chikmagalur district of the state of Karnataka in India. Literally Kudremukh means ‘Horse-face’, which refers to the captivating beauty of a mountain resembling the face of a horse. Dotted with enthralling grasslands, thick shoal forests and rolling hills, Kudremukh is famous for its bio-diversity conservation and is also ranked among the 25 popular hot spots across the world.


Perched at a height of 1894 meters above sea level, Kudremukh is an enticing weekend destination and a popular picnic spot that beckons a number of visitors due to its scenic beauty and exotic flora and fauna. The Kudremukh National Park and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary are the two popular places to take an insight into the rich wildlife of the region. Endowed with lush greenery, grassy slopes, shining rivers, cascading valleys and beautiful orchids, the place is a perfect holiday destination for the nature lovers. Moreover, due to the presence of rolling hill ranges and green woods, it is also a great place for the adventure enthusiasts to enjoy myriad of adventurous activities.


The panoramic township of Kudremukh is also the origin place of three rivers namely Nethravathi, Tuga and Bhadra that flow across the region. Apart from natural splendors, the town is also known for its ore-mining companies that carry different mining operations. The amalgam of this production oriented Ore Company and plethora of wonderful attractions has converted this isolated and remote region into a bustling tourist hot spot of Karnataka. The cascading waterfalls of the region such as Kalhatti Waterfall and Hebbe Falls are must see attractions. Near Kudremukh lies the famous Hanuman Gundi Falls where the visitors can enjoy an exhilarating view of milky water gushing down from a height of 100 feet. For the people who want to enjoy a refreshing and adventurous holiday amidst the natural vistas, Kudremukh is indeed an ideal destination to travel into.

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